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The Still Small Voice of Love

Recognizing our belovedness requires that we listen for the still small voice of Love, of God. But how do we do this?

Hearing this still small voice mostly occurs during times of contemplative silence. For example we sit quietly focusing on God in some way or we attentively participate in our daily lives, (also called being in the present moment). Contemplation gives us an opportunity to find and love God in ourselves, in others, and in all circumstances, (Sweeney).

Quiet listening allows us to become more aware of ourselves, (both our gifts and challenges), and our ability to love and be loved~ it helps to unveil our belovedness.

The voice of Love may be heard, seen, or even felt in one’s body. It may involve an inner knowing of one’s connection to God, to others, and to all of creation. It isn’t all about feeling “rainbows and puppies,” as it often comes during times of deep pain and anguish. But the voice of Love can bring us to feel compassion not only for ourselves, but also for others and give us a sense of solidarity or union with those who are suffering.

Liz Sweeney, SSJ, The Evolutionary Task Now: To Raise the Powers of Love Upward, LCWR Occasional Papers, Winter, 2016.

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