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Tanya, Spiritual Director

Tanya is a Spiritual Mentor who is especially called to this ministry. She is gifted in intuition and presence and has a deep love of others in our common desire for connection and communion with the transcendent.

She is a trustworthy companion of mature faith and though Tanya’s own spiritual practice is within the Christian contemplative tradition, she journeys with people of all faith traditions as well as those with no religious affiliation. 

Tanya has personal and professional experience in the areas of grief, neurological disability, mental illness, dementia, and addiction. 

Married with three adult children, Tanya loves the outdoors, especially biking, hiking, and snow sports, and is an avid contemplative photographer.


Post Masters Certificate in Transforming Spirituality,

(Spiritual Direction),

Seattle University, 2017.

Masters of Arts, Theological Studies,

St. Mark’s College at UBC, 2014.

Diploma in Ministry,

St. Francis Xavier University, 2011.

Bachelor of Science in Rehabilitation,

Occupational and Physiotherapy,

University of British Columbia, 1982.

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