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Possible Session Themes:


Sharing Life:  the spiritual mentor listens and asks questions to assist you in the process of reflection and spiritual growth.


Dream Work:  Reflecting on dreams with the spiritual director enables understandings of your relationships to others, the Divine, and to yourself. 


The Arts:  The visual arts, poetry, music, and dance may be used by the spiritual director to assist you with your prayer life and your openness to the Spirit.

Grief:  The spiritual mentor provides a safe and caring space to assist a person as he or she goes through the unique process of grief.

Book or Media Study: Literature or media is used as a jumping off point to allow reflection, thoughtful discussion, and spiritual growth.

Discerning Transitions:  As one navigates changes and transitions, the spiritual director provides exercises and asks questions that allow you to be confident in the decisions that you make. 

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